Well-man / Well woman examinations

What do these examinations consist of?

Well-man and well woman examinations are general preventive screening exams during which a series of blood tests, full physical examination and general health interview, a urine test and resting ECG are done. For men a prostate check is done and for women gynae and breast screening is also done if requested.

Do I need to be fasting?

Yes since the blood tests include a Lipid Profile and Glucose test you need to be fasting for around 12 hours.

Do I need an appointment and how long does it take?

Yes these exams are done by appointment, generally set at around 9.00 am and the session would last around 1 hour.

How do I make an appointment?

You can either contact Dr Timmy Camilleri directly on 79094500 or else make the appointment with the Camilleri Clinic Reception