First Visit to your dentist

Your dental visit should not be a stressful or daunting experience. We are aware that some people may not enjoy going to the dentist but it is this awareness that makes our dentists very understanding towards every one of our patients. We take measures to create a friendly environment so the patient can feel relaxed and at ease. For longer treatments for example, we can (depending on the treatment) break it up into smaller treatments in different appointments. There are also many very effective pain relief medications we can prescribe as well as sedation to help you during any procedures but also after them.

Pediatric dentist in Malta

Before your appointment

Depending on whether you have had a different dentist who has shared your dental records, you will probably need new X-rays. X-rays are of 2 types:

  • Bitewing X-rays – these are used to detect tooth decay, gum diseases etc
  • Panoramic X-rays  (sometimes simply called Pan) – these are used to investigate issues such as impacted teeth, tumours etc

In order to protect you from any radiations during your X-ray you will be fitted with a lead apron.

A full check

Whether you simple haven’t been to a dentist in a while or made this your first trip, a full oral check up will be required. Inspecting the mouth is painless but what your dentist will do is look out for potential problems, investigate tooth strength and health and check your gums for periodontal disease. Based on the finds of the full check and the results of your X-rays, you dentist will draw up whatever treatment plan is needed to provide optimal oral health over the long-term.

Dental Cleaning

Depending on your oral check-up, your dentist might suggest a cleaning. Cleanings are typically done every 6 months and aimed at a more thorough cleaning of the teeth, reaching in places that we may find difficult to reach and clean properly with our tooth brushes.  A cleaning involves the removal of dental plaque (which is commonly also called a scaling) from the surface of your teeth as well as finishing off with a polish.

Other procedures

Camilleri Dental Clinic Room

Again what you will need depends on the state of your teeth and what your dentists finds during their investigation. You may for example need tooth fillings or your dentist may suggest cosmetic treatments like whitening to treat tooth discolouration .

A first visit for your child with our pediatric dentist

A first visit for a child with a pediatric dentist is a bit different to an adult’s. A pediatric dentist undergoes additional training where they learn specifically about the developing teeth of a child, children’s behavior, growth and development and approaches towards children’s dentistry. A first visit with a pediatric dentist is usually a very friendly approach aimed more at building trust, getting to know the junior patient and making them feel comfortable. During the examination the dentist will check your child’s teeth for signs of decay, look at the gums, jaws etc.

Getting to your dentist

Once you have booked your appointment, check where exactly the dental clinic is located; perhaps call up and check what the parking options are and where exactly the clinic is located if you haven’t figured it out. This will help ensure you arrive on time for your appointment.

If you are looking for a dentist in Malta, Camilleri clinic is a leading dental clinic with a team of specialised dentists. We are located in Sliema, Malta’s most up-market commercial and social hub.